Have you ever seen the musical Urinetown? It’s a hilarious musical that satirizes capitalism, social irresponsibility and the legal system. Essentially the plot is that everyone who lives in Urinetown has to pay to pee. The people in charge of Urinetown like the mayor and the police etc. have all the money they need, while the rest of the inhabitants can barely scrounge up enough change to go to the bathroom. You’d think that the inhabitants could just pee outside, but they can’t because they’d get arrested. Well as you have probably guessed the people of Urinetown banned together to rebel against those in power Les Miserable style.


Pretty ridiculous musical, right? Even more ridiculous is the absurd idea that someone can control when and where you urinate. But wait. There is someone who has done just that. Canadian Senator Donald Plett was reviewing the Canadian Human Rights Act when he decided to add the most asinine amendment I have ever heard of. He exempted the legislation from covering sex-specific facilities like, oh I don’t know, bathrooms. The worst of it all was his thinly-veiled xenophobia when he said allowing transgender women into female bathrooms would allow pedophiles to take advantage of the Human Rights Act.


But leave it to the brilliant transgender people of the world to fight back in an inventive and slightly cunning way. The #WeJustNeedToPee movement was started by Canadian Brae Carnes, who back in February started taking pictures of herself in front of men’s urinals and posting them on Facebook. Well, nothing says 1,000 words better than a picture, and with other transgender people joining the movement, these pictures have gone viral. And with the corresponding hashtags and signs “Plett put me here”, the point is clear: transgenders belong in their chosen bathroom. It’s prejudice, nay, homophobic to reach for such vacuous argument such as pedophiles abusing the Human Rights Act.


By the way, if pedophiles are in bathrooms looking at innocent children, I don’t think worrying about the Human Rights Act is what Senator Plett should be focusing on.