Graffiti is an issue that I love to read about. I am interested in the artistic factors as well as the diversive factors that lead people to vandalize or in some cases beautify plain surfaces. But one aspect of graffiti that I cannot condone is hate-related vandalism. One such act occurred on the garage of the DeLong home in New Jersey.

While this particular graffiti wasn’t obscene, original or artistic, the scrawling “I’m Gay” garage vandalism was more than explicit in the vandal’s clear disdain for homosexuality. The two daughters of Erin Kennedy DeLong, Miranda and Emily both identify as bisexual, and Erin wanted to affirm her daughters’ sexual preferences as not only acceptable but normal, so instead of simply removing the graffiti, the family decided to paint their garage with Pride colors.

This outward expression of pride has, of course, spurred comments from both sides of the fence: some people expressing more hatred and others expressing pride of such a brave and affirming act. But as Erin aptly points out, “It’s great to have people tell us we are being great parents, but it would be even better if what we did was considered just normal parenting, and not amazing.”

While the Pride effort has made amazing strides, and millions of individuals across the nation are reevaluating their beliefs about homosexuality, there are still those diehard homophobes who can’t seem to keep their opinions to civil disagreements.