There are several angles I could write from about homosexual adoption rights, but a news article that was released last week infuriated me so much, that I felt the need to respond.


PrideSource released the article, “Did Snyder Trade Signature On Anti-Gay Adoption Bills For Deal On Road Funding?” on June 15. There are allegations against Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyer, which of course he denies, that he traded his signature on the anti-gay adoption bills for getting a roads funding bill passed.


Now if this is true, that means that road repair is more important to Governor Snyder and his supporters than finding homes for children.

In another article published by livescience, Stephanie Pappas provides several pieces of evidence that homosexual couples may actually be better parents than the right-wing, conservative, religious folks want to believe.


In “Why Gay Parents May be the Best Parents” Pappas suggests homosexual couples tend to be more motivated and involved in parenthood because they rarely become parents by accident. 50% of heterosexual pregnancies are suspected to be surprise or accidental pregnancies. I’m not suggesting that accidental pregnancies automatically mean that the parents aren’t suitable for or invested in their children, but unfortunately these unwanted pregnancies do show an increase in neglect and abuse or at the very least an increase in children being put up for adoption.


And guess what group of people are largely interested in adoption? That’s right: homosexual couples.


Pappas also presents statistics on the children homosexual couples adopt; homosexuals are more likely to adopt older children and children of minorities–the kids who are more likely to stay in foster care.


I understand that Governor Snyder has had infrastructure on his agenda for two terms now, but what kind of person chooses his campaign platform over providing loving and nurturing homes for children? That’s a compromise I do not understand.