Our Story

Today I caught up with Lisa, Founder and Proprietress. She’s been busy launching  GayestStoreOn Earth.com – all made possible by her new company’s signature accessories – each item louder and prouder than the next.

Diane: Why did you start the company?

Lisa: I got fired from my real job of 19 years because of someone else’s mistake.  Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

Diane: If you weren’t selling gay merchandise what would you be doing?

Lisa: I’d probably still be trapped in the financial services industry. And I’d be miserable — like a closeted lesbian in a heterosexual relationship.

Diane: So out of the blue, you got fired from a prestigious company, woke up the next morning, and decided you wanted to open the gayest store on earth?

Lisa: Yes, funny, huh?

Diane: And you had no retail experience?

Lisa: No, but I always loved shopping.

Diane: I don’t get it.

Lisa: Well, since my first career was so stressful, I used to muse about owning my own t-shirt shop where my biggest worry was running low on our extra-large, silk-screened, pink dolphin tank tops.

Diane: Where exactly does GayestStoreOnEarth.com get its colorful wares?

Lisa: We may actually be single-handedly supporting the globalization of gayness. Some merchandise was exclusively designed for us in the good ol’ USA, some t-shirt designs were commissioned from Serbia, and our gay pride face paint (which I defy you to find statesside!) is a French import.

Diane: What’s your best seller?

Lisa: The wedding cake toppers. The legalization of gay marriage has been tremendous for business.

Diane: What’s next for the GayestStoreOnEarth.com?

Lisa: Expansion. We’ve got our eye on a sweet storefront deep in the heart of Texas on 100 South Central Expressway in Dallas.

Diane: And finally Lisa, what’s your favorite color on the pride flag and why?

Lisa: Blue. Sometimes the best things happen out of it.

Diane: Thanks for your time Lisa.

Lisa: Certainly. It’s been a pleasure.

The GayestStoreOnEarth.com is a lesbian-owned business operated out of sunny Trinity, Florida.  The goal is not only to bring gay pride merchandise to you wherever you live, but to encourage people in all  communities to express who they are and who they love. We’re changing the face of the equality movement with every swipe of imported pride paint.