Did any of you see this? Obama was heckled by an undocumented LGBT activist at the Whitehouse!


Before I continue, I want to make it clear that I don’t support the deportation policies the US has in place for LGBT-identified people. As the undocumented transgender woman would tell you, up to 75 LGBT immigrants are held in facilities with men, and there are 1 in 5 confirmed sexual assaults. And that’s only the ratio of confirmed cases! I completely agree that other arrangements must be made for these LGBT immigrants due to the increased risk of assault.


However, I’m not sure what this woman was thinking would happen. I mean come on. You’re in a crowded room, the president of the United States is making a speech, and you think he’s going to listen to you and dialogue with you if you interrupt him? No way! I don’t even like when my friends interrupt me. I can’t imagine the guts it takes to interrupt the president, however important your agenda might be.


But what do you guys think? Was the transgendered woman right in interrupting Obama? Are you on Obama’s side? Or is there a road in between?