Hi everyone! My name is Lisa. I have never done a blog before, but I thought it would compliment my website nicely, so here goes! I want to start off by sharing a bit of my personal story (I’ll be writing opinion and new pieces in this blog as well).


Throughout my life, many of my friends teased me saying that I was a closet lesbian. I dismissed their comments as jokes, but most of the time, my friends weren’t joking at all. I was 35 and was fairly certain that I was straight–although the number of relationship with men could be counted on three fingers and the total time spent in relationships was less than six months. I simply thought I hadn’t found the right guy yet. I had several male friends, but I was never attracted to any of them. 


One evening my best friend, Deb, called me in a panic over a love note her 15 year old daughter had received from another girl. Karah (Deb’s daughter) had left the note in her pocket, and Deb happened to find it while doing laundry. After talking Deb off of the ledge, we discussed her concerns of how a homosexual lifestyle might have a negative impact on Karah.


This discussion really made me think about my views of same-sex attraction and my life in general. I had always dismissed the idea of becoming a lesbian; I mean, it was utter craziness, right?


Well, a few days later, I was lying out on the beach, and I started thinking about Karah and her girlfriend again. I admired Karah’s courage to follow her heart at such a young age. And that got me thinking about my love life. Was it possible that I wasn’t straight? Did I have the courage to find out? Through Karah’s example, I decided that there was a possibility of more in my life. I had to at least explore the idea that I might be a lesbian.


Even though I knew all my friends would gloat and say “I knew it! I knew it”, I called my friend, Denise, and asked her where I could meet women. Denise told me where the local lesbian bar was. Of course, I didn’t want to go alone, so I talked Deb into going with me.


I’ll admit, we were a bit shell-shocked at first, but we ended up having a great time at the bar. We went there for several weekends, and I actually developed a huge crush on one of the bartenders. After much contemplation and a little liquid courage, I decided to ask the bartender out. Well, just my luck: 300 lesbians in the bar, and I fall for the only straight girl in the place.


But, I didn’t let that stop me. Deb and I continued to hang out at this club, and one night on our way home, Deb kissed me at a stoplight. I finally kissed a girl, and I’ll tell you what–I loved it!


Who would have thought that not only was I a lesbian but that I would also fall in love with my best friend? This was the beginning of my first long-term relationship.