Ray Comfort, an evangelical preacher and executive producer, has produced a new film called Audacity. The name ironically mirrors his own audacity of producing an anti-gay film to try to persuade homosexuals to change their ways lest they perish in the fiery pits of Hell. The name of the movie isn’t the only ironic name here. In an attempt to stay true to his name, Comfort tries to comfort the homosexuals with his love and concern for them, which I believe ultimately backfires in his terrible film. Lesbian writer Camille Beredjick writes,

Clocking in at a little over 50 minutes, this film is a true work of hilarious nonsense. Some Christian movies of this nature make you weep for children who are clearly being abused, or leave you consumed with thoughts about extremists who are actively plotting your death. This is not one of those movies.

Comfort has clearly missed the mark as well as his target audience, but that’s not all. Comfort also plans on flying a rainbow-colored banner over 11 U.S. cities to promote Audacity. Even the poster for the film has rainbow colors. This deception is unfortunately not a new level of sleaze, but it’s up there. Oh, and I should mention, the full film title is actually Audacity: Love Can’t Stay Silent. Is it loving to use a group’s emblem of pride in an attempt to deceive and condescend? I don’t think so.

So thank you very much for your concern of my afterlife, Preacher Comfort, but I’m very secure in my faith. And I’m also proud of my identity as a lesbian, so I will not be shamed into submission to your anti-gay rhetoric. Instead I will take Camille Beredijick’s lead and make a drinking game out of your absurd movie. In fact, you may want to rename your movie Absurdity.