The other day, I read Matt Hatzke’s coming out story, and I was really inspired. I always knew it must be hard being gay in a traditionally super-not-gay environment. Sports teams always seemed to be stereotypically manly. Even female teams had a masculine energy about them.


Now, it seems that the mentality in male-dominated sports is shifting. It’s becoming more acceptable for male athletes to come out. Hatzke even wrote about a website, Outsports, that he turned to for inspiration in coming out while playing professional sports.


In Hatzke’s story, he expresses the pain and heartache he endured while keeping his sexual orientation a secret from his teammates. Hatzke expressed that many nights, he and his teammates would celebrate a win by going to a local bar and, of course, by picking up women. In order to dodge questions about his love-life or to avoid hitting on women, Hatzke would drink. A lot. Then, he would sneak out of the bars and walk back to the hotel alone and dejected.


I can’t imagine the pain these athletes go through while trying to conceal their sexual preferences. But, I’m glad to know that there’s athletes like Hatzke who are willing to share their stories in hopes of helping others.


If you’d like to read the full article, here’s the link.